The Similarity Adjoa Andoh presents in Lady Danbury and Nenneke

It is no surprise that actors fashion themselves according to the need of their charactersthrough a series of hard work and years of perseverance. Take Christian Bale as an iconic instance-from stuffing fat in the body to adapting the role of former Vice President in Vice to exhibiting a muscle builder for Batman Begins, he has proven to be an incredible transfiguration one can imagine. (Via Men’s Journal).This constitutes an actor’s versatility that makes him/her one of a kind.

However, the job is not done yet. Playing almost similar character types with different shades and reigning in the heart of people always has been another challenge actors face. Our beloved actor Adjoa Andoh carries the challenge very well while creating a fine thread line between Bridgerton’s Lady Danbury and Nenneke in The Witcher Season 2.

Lady Danbury and Nenneke go hand in hand

While interviewing with Tudum, Andoh has remarked ecstatically, ”That would be a blow”. Indeed, it was a bit of a shock for the audience to see Bridgerton’s favorite Lady Danbury ruling over the fantasy world where people’s sole business depends on witchcraft and the art of sorcery. Quite interestingly, we can relate that the sophisticated, Regency-era mannerisms have been encapsulated into the stern, indomitable spirit of a motherly figure.

The power they Possess

Though the world depicted in the series has nothing in common, these two powerful women are bestowed with extraordinary qualities for nurturing two stout, handsome personalities.Geralt of Rivia(Henry Cavill)came across Nenneke in his youth in the temple after having a nearly death experience while fighting with a striga. Nenneke’s motherly affection not only healed his wound with potions and medicines, but her resolute nature left an impact in his heart.He also mistook her as his mother in fever.After years, when Geralt came back to the temple with his daughter Ciri, Nenneke was there to provide a warm welcome and to teach Ciri a far-fetched lesson.

Likewise, Lady Danbury took care of the child once her mother died, and over the years, she had to go through a lot to raise the Hasting heir after his father abandoned him as an uneligible one. She enforced her strong will, skill full nature, fearlessness in him so that he would thrive as the most desirable Duke of Hastings(Rege-Jene Page).To both of the characters, the most important weapon to win someone’s heart is love and it is the power that makes them the strong one.

In an interview with Netflix, Adjoa claimed’ If you give me that character,I’ll make her my character’.This is off without any dispute that Adjoa is truly an incarnation of both Lady Danbury and Nenneke whom she is “……honoring the character…….and honoring the spirit……”

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