Mysteries At Keyhouse Cause Trouble For Locke Children in Season 1

One of Netflix’s recent, Locke and Key has become a fan favorite. 2-seasons of constant magical endeavors fusing with scary and funny moments have been quite exciting to all of us. Adapted from an American comic book series by Joe Hill ,the story involves three main characters-Bode, Kinsey, and Tyler coming to know some baffling facts about their ancestral Keyhouse through the discoveries of miraculous keys one by one. But the key hunt is not the only thing they explore. As the plot proceeds, the Locke children find themselves left with mysteries(including their father’s murder)the house has kept inside for years.

Though both the seasons of the series contain strong elements of magic and mystery, season1 is the one that creates the most of it. It’s not always the magic that dominates the plot, the dark mystery indicates the trouble they will be facing afterward. The troubles are numerous and they get mysteriously caught in them.

Bode loses ‘Anywhere Key’

Right after the Lockes’moves to their ancestral house in Matheson, Bode, the youngest of the family, starts hearing the whispering sounds in the house that leads to the discovery of magic keys. In this way, he finds a key that can take him any place he wants. To his surprise, he gets to enter the ice cream parlor by opening a door in this house. This is fun to them until the dark shadow lingering around finally intervenes in their life. Bode loses the Anywhere key out of his innocence to the demon aka ‘well lady, dodge’ who misuses it for his advantage.

What does dodge want? Why does he take the key from Bode? -The Locke family has no clue of any of these. Only one thing they are aware of is the mysterious events happening in their life, the one starting with their father’s murder. After the Anywhere key is lost, the kids swear themselves to protect the other keys, and this is where the story hints at the adversities the kids have to go through. The demon roams around the place to place using the key leaving us in complete bewilderment of what traps he will lay for the kids.

Nina gets trapped

In a world where magic is used both to save and endanger lives, every moment is unpredictable. The series dives into an episode where Nina falls into the charm of Mirror Key that Bode finds inside the sink of their house. Looking for a keyhole,Bode’s mother, Nina feels herself drawn to her reflection summoning from the mirror. The opposite part of the mirror, we see, is the dark, silent world where Nina finds herself trapped in her subconsciousness.

Though it seems pretty scary, Nina soon gets out of her ’prison of self’ with the help of Tyler who uses his intelligence to find a way out. Its not sure what purpose the key is served,but after the incident, we haven’t seen them using the key.

Tyler and Kinsey finds the truth about their Father

While the siblings are on a hunt to unfurl the mysteries, some more keys pop up. It starts with an episode that shows Tyler and Kinsey discovering a key attached to a tree in the keyhouse cemetery ground. Once they put the key into the shining keyhole of the tree, it produces several magical jars containing the memories of their father and his friends. The scene then turns into an emotional recollection for the children, but with some scary secrets coming to their sight.

One of the jars, they discover, reveals their father, Randell, killing one of his friends who behaves weirdly. It terrifies them to their core to know the unbelievable truth about their father. But, it also ignites their curiosity to search for the fact that has compelled their father to do the heinous crime. For the rest of the episode, we see two events happening simultaneously, the children looking for Rendell’s friends to get any clue and the demon chasing after them for the keys. So, it leaves us wondering, Who excels whom?

Ellie’s boyfriend Lucas is Dodge

One of the frightening facts in the series is the demon’s presence in Lockes’ lives. A lot of unusual incidents have been going on in the family as well as others associated with them, including, Joe’s murder, Sam Lesser’s release from jail. To find answers to all of these, the Lockes ask for help from the second last remaining friend of their father, Ellie, who, using the Head Key, walk them through her memories to show the actual incident that happened in their childhood.

The scene takes us back to the night when Rendell kills his friend Lucas for being possessed by a demon that came out from the glowing bullets of the black door they opened and divides all the keys among other friends and promises to never use them again.

The scene then again cuts back to the present time and we notice Ellie, being in love with Lucas, helps him to come back to life through the Echo Key after years.

But, little does Ellie know that the demon has still harbored in Lucas and it is the demon that she sets free, not Lucas. The story becomes a little intense to know that the demon is now staying with Ellie and conspiring against the Lockes.

Locke’s and The Demon Are at War

This event constitutes the final scene of the season where good and evil are at war. In the end, Dodge takes hold of the Shadow key with the help of Ellie and summons the shadows to destroy the Lockes. A chasing scene can be seen here with Dodge incorporating all the shadows,hunting for the keys and making their life miserable. However, the demon fails to succeed as all the children overpower him and send him through the black door to the world where he came from.

The fight seems to be a successful one. But, the season leaves us with some astonishing questions-Why has Ellie disappeared? Is that Dodge whom they have sent to another dimension? What has happened to one of their friends who is hit by the glowing bullets? Will everyone be able to live normally?

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