What the cast of Friends looked like before and after all the fame.

If we ask the ‘90s audience,’what’s the best thing they have ever seen on Tv?’. Everyone will shout for Friends. It is undeniable that Friends is one of the all-time-favorite sitcoms of all generations. The show continuing with its 10-seasons and 236 episodes was a big rival of Seinfeld and buzzed a huge craze among people. The storyline of six people living in Manhattan, New York, finding their love and life together while facing several comic situations in their lives. Everything seems just wonderful to watch.

But what we love most about the show is our beloved star cast who made it to the most beautiful. Each six of them with their unique personalities set the foot firmly on the ground for 10 years to entertain us and each of them has achieved the highest peak of success. Here is what they looked like before and after all the fame.

Jennifer Aniston-

Jennifer Aniston is one of the brilliant and consistent actresses on Friends.The ‘90s boys sweetheart and girls’ role model, Jennifer played the adorable, childish Rachel Green who is a high school friend of Monica and her brother Ross’s love interest.Though portrayed as a high society, a spoiled kid from the beginning, the character grew as a much-matured individual with firm moral values.

Coming from an acting background, Jennifer got her gig at an early age in the 1988 film Mac And Me and later was seen in 1993 movie Leprechaun. But none of them was a hit.Her life completely changed when she audition for Friends and got the role of Rachel Green.She won her fan’s hearts with the warmth and charm of her character.During her 10-season long journey, she became the highest-paid female actress and achieved Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Jennifer’s success had unfolded myriad opportunities in the world of films.She showed her acting magic in Picture Perfect and Office Space where her performance was highly appreciated and critically acclaimed.Her fame lies in some other comedy movies, including, Bruce Almighty, The Break Up, Marley and Me, The Switch, We Are The Millers, Just Go With It, Murder Mystery, the last two she was paired with Adam Sandler and was a box office hit.

Lisa Kudrow-

“Smelly cat, smelly cat/What are they feeding you”- the more we laugh at the song, the more we love it’s writer, the offbeat and quirky Phoebe Buffay.The character played by Lisa Kudrow, belongs to the group of six friends, always loved by her friends and neglected by her family. She is a masseuse by profession and singer by passion;creates absurd, self-composed music pointing to the society for treating her as an outcast.Her wish to live a happy life is fulfilled when she meets her love of life, Mike.

The idea of the character probably came to mind from the sitcom Mad About You where Lisa played the waitress, Ursula Buffay.No wonder Phoebe has her twin sister named Ursula. With Phoebe, Lisa came to prominence in the field of acting and her performance had earned her a couple of nominations and awards.She was the first Friends cast member to win Emmy Award.

Lisa is truly a comedy legend.After her brilliance got noticed, she set her foot in films. Simultaneously, she starred in Romy and Michele’s High school Reunion, The opposite of Sex; gave voice for Pacific bear named Ava in Dr. Dolittle2.She also penned Web Therapy, along with the co-writer Don Roos and gained appreciation for playing the therapist Fiona Wallice.

Courtney Cox-

A darling and most well-known of all the cast(as remarked by the show’s another co-star Lisa Kudrow), Courteney Cox played the character Monica Geller who is renowned for her excessive cleanliness and competitiveness, and organized nature.Monica spends several years in a beautiful apartment in Manhattan, New York with her high school friend, Rachel Green before she sojourns a romantic relationship with her long-time friend, Chandler Bing.

The fans might not remember Courteney Cox as Lauren Miller in Family Ties and the episode The Wife of Seinfeld until ‘the brilliantly bossy’ Monica appeared to win their hearts.After Friends had gained her recognition in the field of comedy, Courteney continued her career doing several comedy series, including Scrubs, Web Therapy(guest appearance with Friends co-actor Lisa Kudrow), Cougar Town, and her recent upcoming Shining Vale, which is an amalgamation of evil and humor.Her notable performance for Cougar Town earned her nominations for the best Actress in a Television Series-Musical or Comedy.

Like her famous comedy series,Courteney’s role as Gale Weathers in the horror film Scream was highly appreciated. Due to the film’s box office hit, the sequels Scream2 and Scream3 were made, though none of them reached the success of the first film.

Matt Le Blanc-

Matt Le Blanc has had a long and extensive journey with the television industry. Before Joey Tribbiani became ladies’ favorite in Friends,Matt was a known face in Married….with Children and the spin-offs: Top of the Heap and Vinnie and Bobby where he acted as Vennie Verducci, a family friend of the show’s protagonist and a love interest of his daughter.

But despite all the work, he still had his last eleven dollars when he auditioned for the role in Friends and the show bought him lifetime acclaim.For his outstanding performance as a struggling actor,he got nominated for three Primetime Emmy Award, three Golden Globe Award and one Screen actors Guild Award.This widely appreciated sitcom with a long run from 1994-2004 not only made him a star but gave him recognition through his character to be remembered forever. The fame got him some small parts in movies, Lookin Italian, Ed, Lost in Space.

After huge success in Friends, Matt went on to play the character Joey again in the spin-off Joey.But that wasn’t massively well received and he had to take a hiatus of four years only to be returned in Episodes to play the fictionalized version of him , which was less satisfactory. To give his career another try, he started another sitcom,Man with a Plan in 2016, where he was seen playing a father of three boisterous children.

Matthew Perry-

If you don’t laugh at Chandler’s jokes, you are not a fan of Friends.Chandler Bing is one of the characters who made us laugh at our good times and in our distress.The funny, Chandler lives in a small apartment in New York with his long-time roommate Joey whom he considers ‘best bud’.Searching all his life for a perfect partner, he finally engages a love relationship with his neighbour and friend Monica through an unexpected turn of events.

Matthew Perry, aka, Chandler, rose to international fame for playing this character.Probably, this was his sole success that made his secure a place in the hearts of people.Being a king of humour, he signed for some comedy films, such as, Fools Rush In(alongside Salma Hayek), Almost Heroes, Thw whole Nine Yards(with Bruce Willis), Serving Sara(opposite to Amy Adams).Because he had a affinity to video games, he worked on some game series and voice-over work, one of it being the voice of Benny in the video game Fallout:New Vegas.

David Schwimmer-

While all the characters are more into fashion, acting, food, lifestyle, Ross Geller is the ‘geeky’,studious, sensitive boy of all his friends.His character saw a transition from hopeless romantic Paleontologist to a matured, skillful Professor at a University.Throughout the entire series, we witness Ross and Rachel’s love life going through a lot of ups and downs.

David wasn’t a famous face until the offer for playing Ross Geller came his way.Though initially unhappy with his character, David , through Ross Geller garnered excitement among his fans and achieved extraordinarily good response from critics.

After Friends, David went on starring a couple of comedy films and few voice over work.Kissing A Fool, Six Days, Seven Nights, Apt Pupil are some of his films.We can identify him in the voice of Melman in Madagascar and it’s sequels Madagascar:Escape2 Africa, and Madagascar 3:Europe’s Most wanted.

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