What is it in Ross & Rachel that Friends’ fans love most?

The people in the ‘90s were thrilled when six “friends” came into the show to entertain the world with the surprising comic situations happening in their lives. Friends, a famous American sitcom,reigned the hearts of people over the centuries.One of the reasons that made the fans crazy about the show has a lot to do with the chemistry Ross and Rachel exhibited on the screen-the chemistry which the fans would die for.

But what was the spark behind the chemistry that made them famous?It turns out, amid the on-and-off relationship, the couple finally made their way in finding love and care for each other and came to be the “hottest couple” of all generation. Some of the factors played a vital role behind their popularity.

Ross’s unrequited love for Rachel

From the very first scene, we learned that Ross had a “major” crush on Rachel since ninth grade. Rachel’s sudden appearance in the coffee house ignited that feelings for her. Having dealt with the problems of his life, Ross tried to rekindle his affection for Rachel. But his timidness and bad timing always held him back from having her as his girlfriend.

Seeing Rachel with her boyfriend Paolo, Ross decided to move on in life.Though things didn’t happen in the right way, the love he felt for Rachel never went away from his heart. And finally, fans’ wait was over when Rachel felt for Ross and the couple ended up kissing each other.The unrequited love finally paid off!!

Friendship that connects them

Watching their favorite couple going through a lot of on-again-off-again might be pretty disheartening for the fans.But what kept them moving from the fact was the great bond of friendship,they witnessed, Ross and Rachel sharing with each other.Throughout the episodes, we came to know that Rachel was a regular visitor to Ross’s house as his sister Monica’s school friend. After years,the bond became stronger as Rachel shared with Ross her idea of a perfect boyfriend who would make her happy. Ross, on the other hand, lamented on his failed marriage with Carol.

Their friendship was still the same even though they were”on a break”. We noticed right after the big break up, Rachel and friends got stuck in the middle of the road because the car broke down. Ross didn’t let his ego interrupt the responsibility, came immediately for assistance.He became her constant back-and-call whenever she needs him, be it taking her to doctor’s for cramps or helping in her distress,letting her know”I will be there for you”.

The Craziness We Adore

Get drunk and married in Vegas!!! The fans couldn’t get enough of the fact that Ross and Rachel are married.A couple of crazy things they did to each other.There is one where Ross made Rachel jealous with his unsuccessful date while Rachel pretended having a perfect relationship with her thief boyfriend in front of Ross.

We can not forget the beach house scene where Rachel made Ross’s girlfriend convince to shave her head. Ross, on the other hand, slept over Rachel’s 18pages letter.

Ross became so pissed with his divorces, he tried to retain his marriage with Rachel by telling the fake divorce story.

Accepting each other for who they are

How would you feel to have an obsessive boyfriend who constantly reminds you of his presence? You would probably burst into flames asking him for the breakup? Yes, Rachel did the same. Her self-centered, independent nature couldn’t handle the excessively smitten and jealous, Ross. However, her childish tantrums for not going to Ross’s seminar might seem funny to watch, but proved unhealthy for their relationship.

As every relationship goes through a change, with time they grew as mature lovers and realized their worth.There came the time when Rachel’s grown-up self knew how to love geeky Ross and Ross also learned how to pamper his “lobster”.The fans pleased to see the lovers getting back together a couple of times- at the beach house, at Monica’s engagement night-to make things work.

The final hint we got about the fate of the relationship when Rachel became pregnant with Ross’s baby.Rachel’s excitement about the baby on Monica’s wedding night made everyone anxious.Lucky day for the fans as they knew that no matter what, the final proposal would happen and Rachel would get off the plane to accept it.

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  1. Though I am a ‘mondler’ fan, I appreciate this writing 😉

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    1. I’m glad you liked it…thank you for appreciating😊

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