6 ways to maintain glowing skin in winter❄️

As the temperature drops,suddenly you find the warmest,cozy place in the lap of sun.The cold hits the city;leaves become dry,so does your skin and rough knuckles,runny nose come along it’s way.All you do is to put your sweater and socks on trying to beat the chill.But what about the skin that is still left unattended?Well,don’t think too much.That’s what I am here for.In this blog,I am going to talk about some easy ways that will help maintain a perfect undamaged,shiny,glowing skin even in this harsh winter.I will also provide some of the products that I have been benefited out of and act amazing to cope with cold.

Why wait!!! Let’s walk in…

Switch to a proper moisturizer

When it comes to skincare routine,moisturizing is the first thing to do in the list.I would repeat that proverb which is old but worth mentioning-‘a healthy body is the key to a healthy heart’.Choosing the right moisturizer is crucial in winter since everyone has different skin texture and that is why it’s needed to be nurtured properly.I started using this hydrating,unscented body moisturizer LUBRIDERM with Vitamin B5 which is absolutely perfect for all skin types from normal to dry.Its non-greasy formula not only soothes my skin but keeps me going all day.This is entirely cost effective and is easily available in stores.Do give it a try.

My finding

Have a cleanser too

You might wonder why would someone need cleanser in winter since face attracts less dirt in cold weather.Well,that is a myth.We get dirt and dust in our face irrespective of all seasons and that’s why you should go for a cleanser.After a lot of searching,I finally stick to CERA VE facial cleanser that perfectly suits my skin.If you are looking for a fragrance free daily cleanser,this is the one.It contains a unique formula with essential oil and cleanses,hydrates and helps restore protective skin barriers.It also comes with a great variety which you could get easily depending on your choice.

My finding

Night skincare is must

Want a hustle free skincare routine that will make you look fresh and hydrated all day?No big deal! I’ve got something for you that requires a little effort to be made before going to bed.All you need is a sleep mask,facial serum and a night cream and thats all.To pamper my skin,I prefer to have a soothing face message with my jade roller(which is from Amazon by the way).Trust me,it feels good😊.After struggling with choosing the best product for my skin for so long,I finally found a perfect RETINOL FACIAL SERUM and an hydrating cream by L’ORÉAL on Amazon.Not only they are perfect for all skin type,but they work wonderfully well and are highly appreciated by a vast majority of folks!Finally,last but not the least,a silk sleep mask-well,the key to a good night sleep😴.

Here are my findings….

SPFs to protect skin

Be it sweaty summer or rough winter,mask your face with SPFs.Now many might wonder the purpose of sunscreen in winter,it’s undeniable that protecting skin against UV damage is an all time commitment.Obviously,you might indulge into thinking that you have to search for sunscreen that will work all in one(both moisturizer and sunscreen,because it’s winter,right?).How about this!-LA ROCHE POSAY’S TOLERIANE DOUBLE REPAIR is a do-it-all formula that is packed with water,ceramides,niacinamide and glycerin,provides hydration and sun protection.Use one,get the work of two done….

Better to have many!!

Moisturize hands & toes?

This is probably the last thing in our list we sometimes ignore to do.Someone would say-‘why would I care so much about hand and toe when I have gloves and socks on?.I would say this is not a good logic to rely on.Since we wash a lot our hands,especially sanitize to be safe from COVID-19,the skin gets dry and require immediate care.Use fragrance free moisturizer that will heal the dryness leaving a soft and smooth texture that you will love to feel.

Humidifier-a saver for skin

It might sound strange but a humidifier works wonders for the skin.Like the outside atmosphere,the indoor area gets easily dry(u might not notice) creating dehydration not only in your body but your skin starts to feel the chilled dryness.Humidifier takes moisture from outside,maintains that balance and keeps a warm ambience for your room and your skin as well.Have it one now!!!!!

Last one

I hope you find these tips useful.Bye,have a cozy winter!

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  1. Thank you for this. I have been looking for some affordable retinol cream.

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    1. You are welcome…do give it a try…its amazing☺️

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