Happy 2022🎆✨

Time flows so fast that another year is at our door. A New Year is like pressing the refresh button of our life to start the journey in a new way leaving behind all old stuffs. Do we really forsake the old? Well,Obviously not. We are like that bare tree in the winter which,though bare and old by its appearance, waits for the new leaves to be rejuvenated again. Our journey may be new, but with our old and near and dear ones. We proceed with our old belongings towards a new beginning to have a new taste in everything, be it having a sip of coffee or planting a sapling or meeting new friends or starting something new. We proceed with new hope, new dreams in our hearts and with the zeal to fulfil it. May the year appear this way so that we never get tired our journey and it may always remain colourful.With this upcoming year, we walk one step further to live, to love, to enjoy. Setting aside all the tough situations we’ve been through last year,lets welcome 2022 with optimistic mind and with lovely people and have the bestest memories, relations to be remembered for another year and forever…….HAPPY NEW YEAR…..have a blissful 2022 to all☺️

6 responses to “Happy 2022🎆✨”

  1. Happy New year to you too..

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    1. Thank you❤️ have a peaceful year ahead!✨


  2. Best wishes for 2022! 🎉🎊

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    1. Thank you so much….same to you☺️☺️

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  3. Happy Belated Happy New year wishes 🥳

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