An Unforgettable visit to Niagara Falls🌊🥰

Have you ever been astounded by the beauteous forms of nature?Well,who haven’t!!!Specially a person like me whose sole purpose of traveling revolves around exploring the wonders of nature.If you have taken a glimpse at my blog posts and I’m guessing you’ve😀,you might’ve stumbled across one of my posts on those amazing waterfalls around my place… Continue reading An Unforgettable visit to Niagara Falls🌊🥰

To Satisfy Sweet tooth:COOKIE PIZZA🍪

What is the first thing pops up in your head when you think about baking?? Let me guess….Cookie.🍪Yes,we never say no to Cookies.Whether you are having your midnight craving or you want some quick breakfast or you think about some snacks for road trip,you’ll always have cookies as your first preference.Once or sometimes twice in… Continue reading To Satisfy Sweet tooth:COOKIE PIZZA🍪

Reliving my Scribbles

Few days back while looking into some of my casual writings,I stumbled across a poem that I wrote and published on my previous blog.The poem is about my adoration towards nature. Here’s this one for you….. THE WONDERS Sky never knows the wonders it does hold, The mystic blue is its beauty upon which feathery clouds… Continue reading Reliving my Scribbles

Ways to Make Your Homemaking Life Fascinating

Have you ever had the most common expression “now what…!!” in your homemaking life? Not knowing how to spend it in a productive way?   Well, if it is, you are not a loner.Yes,believe me, I’ve been there too. Many women out there might have thought this way. Well, it is not unbelievable to think because… Continue reading Ways to Make Your Homemaking Life Fascinating

Fall in Love with Waterfalls

“Why would we chase waterfalls when there is so much to see in beaches?”, I always deny the uncountable persuasion of my husband to go to waterfalls in weekends. No matter how hard I refused, my husband still managed to make me see some of the amazing waterfalls that have really caught my sight. Soon,… Continue reading Fall in Love with Waterfalls